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Satish Kumar Choudhary
6 min readFeb 12, 2022


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Considering the situation people are facing at present, Future-Proofing your Career has become the most bothered topic worldwide. The unknown upcoming changes in the future, the growing machinery, continuous crises, disturb everybody. We have our dream jobs held secured in our minds with the unexcelled competition.

Future-Proofing means developing yourself, boosting your tech knowledge, taking extra steps for your career which lasts late. Adapting to the new automation, being an open-minded person, ability to learn, keeping your steps in check are the joint moves for reliable and long-term employment.

As we know, COVID-19 has altered the thoughts of leaders of organizations. Not only it has turned that, but it also has modified the possibilities of upcoming technologies massively. Our Future is soon will rely on high-tech machines and digital transformations.

So, how can you make yourself successful with these types of situations, welcoming you on the way?

The simple yet far-reaching formula is - “Keeping every aspect in your mind and keep fighting through it.”

Wasting no further second of your time, here are the Seven Key Points to Future-Proof Your Career.

1. Determine How to Learn, throughout Your Life

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You require a strong want and an open mind to boost your long-term employability. If you have both, you will receive greater goods. Hold it in mind that our everyday lives are changing on the regular basis. The progression is at its peak, and so, in times as this, you will call for new tricks.

Carry a track of your proficiencies. As we say, “knowledge is the key to success”, the only thing you have to do here is to grasp more. With every step of your education, go over the board, always find something which might help you make yourself more future-proof.

Verify your present sets of techniques and open up yourself to new ones to boost your education. Acknowledge your weak points and work on them. Next in order, take it slow. You never have to force yourself to learn anything.

The steady the pace is, the better the results are.

Join development programs, training facilities, grab every piece of information, even if it might not treat you in the future. Seek chances to test your learned skills, take responsibilities and undergo with unfamiliar roles.

This will serve you into moulding yourself with advanced techniques.

2. Research Your Surrounding

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With the rapid growth of technology, education, and crisis. The companies soon will change their point of view on appointing the employees. They will give positions based on your knowledge, skills, and abilities to adapt to the approaching developments.

To research your surroundings, volunteer when the opportunity comes, apply the proficiencies you already have mastered. Follow the shifts in trends in your profession, newspapers, and your industry. Being in contact with the expanding economy, the recession around the institution exposes its fortune and liability.

Seek further information, and aim for a company that has a positive outlook and long-term sustainability. Be open to other organizations, consider other positions in the unique organizations, monitor the leader. Keep in check with the trends and technology that the organizations are likely to use in the future.

Try your hunches on the organization and foretell its future, if the organization doesn’t stand out or is bound not to be sustainable in the future, search for a better one and ignore it.

3. Maintain A Journal

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By this, I’m not suggesting your regular routines recorded in it. This will benefit pointing out your accomplishments. Maintaining an account from the very dawn of your education helps you manage your skills.

It informs you of your forte, your faults, and the practice in need of focus, for that you require to keep a routine of addressing your duties, your efforts, and mistakes.

Simply start by noting your projects, results, the activities you have received the part. You can continue adding your volunteer function and the minor accomplishments. It maintains the track of your strengths and weakness, which urges you to strive even harder.

Having an already established list of your cons and pros will help you sign up for critical office tasks, now that you’ve identified what you are efficient at, you can use it in ultimate projects, the project your leader has given, and rise out from the other clerks.

4. Accept the Change

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You have more chances of success if you accept the development, “go with the flow”. Be versatile to the advanced expertise.

With the special types of machinery on the board, many members appear backward but don’t fret about that. One day, soon or later, things have to modify and it will evolve. The shift is part of our system, don’t bother.

The extraordinary training facilities will help you ease these concerns. They teach skills like high-tech strategies, summarizing, virtual whiteboards, wearable automation, or AI.

Once you’ve picked up the current tech- education, it will come accessible for you to handle any field. Therefore, it is greatly essential to be flexible and adaptable to modernized savvy and condition.

5. Be Patient

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Fate always happens with suspicion. You will deal with fallbacks and disappointment, but don’t let it get to you. The trouble tests one’s tolerance power. During that stage, maintain your direction and gain from it.

Try to examine your deficiencies and act on them. Sustain a journal as I mentioned before, note your weak degrees and strong edges, now, it’s time to work on them.

First, study how tough you are. Once you’ve figured it out, struggle to build up the level of your diligence every day, improve your capability to deal with the turbulence.

The flexibility of your patience helps you work ethically in any organization, and as the present is showing the color of the future, your endurance will come in handy.

6. Think Bigger

Think Bigger

You don’t need to settle for your local businesses, storm beyond in other nations, you don’t have to be particularly suitable for the jobs within your reach.

Form it wider, wider within your horizon, and work in leading firms. The more powerful the organization is, the vaster the influence is. Make connections, develop a network.

Clients, stakeholders, and your co-workers are inclined to be part of a larger influence, which will develop you, offer you experience and confidence.
Reaching across the globe will provide you with communication skills, maybe one or two languages, and etiquette.

7. Creating a Professional Web

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Developing a link with your organization is an essential task, but branching it secures your future.

Therefore, what I’m trying to tell is, you never know what contact becomes helpful in a crisis, so, you need to build up a connection with other organizations as well, clients, bosses, shareholders, or any foreign investors.

You can create these contacts through social media, online forums, professional networking associations, events, and activities. Remember, make networks beyond your career or industry.

These connections will save you in crises and grant you opportunities. They teach you a complete set of new intelligence — how to display yourself, wise sense, skills, and charisma.

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Finally, you don’t know what possibility our future holds, and what liabilities it will bring for you, thus, you have to be prepared with clouts, intelligence, and preparation. You can employ one of these aspects as you please, when you desire to use them and when they are right to apply. Your Future Is Up to You, Make Choices Now.



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